Enjoy crazy shopping with Fama Residence - Forum Gallery, Outlet Center Szadółki

Forum Gdańsk is a modern urban space where relaxation, shopping and entertainment blend with the life of Gdansk and its citizens. It’s a place of cultural and social events, as well as various undertakings aimed at community building. It is a space for meetings – diverse, creative, open, full of energy and suffused with the culture of the city. There is something for everyone here. You can do shopping at very attractive prices, spent creative time with children and friends. Let's also remind what Marilyn Monroe once said: "Money doesn't bring happiness, only shopping does".

Two nights - from 01/09/2019 to 14/12/2019

The package includes:

  • Transport by private driver to Outlet
  • 2 nights in a spacious, comfortably furnished room
  • Buffet breakfasts
  • Wine and sweet chocolates to welcome you
  • Transport from the airport to hotel
  • Free map of Gdansk
  • Late check-out